All-Star Games

The six NOLL All-Star games are highly anticipated events that showcase the best lacrosse players in Northern Ohio. It is a chance for proud programs, parents, and fans to see their favorite players in action and for the athletes to showcase their talents on a regional stage.

I hope this email finds you well. I would like to welcome all NOLL Classic Tournament and All-Star Weekend participants. We are thrilled to have you join us for this All-Star event.

F or the All-Star Game (ASG) players, please remember to bring your school/program pinnies.

If you are on the red team, wear your dark side out, while the blue team should wear the white side out. We look forward to all of the teams in NOLL being represented with their jerseys and players!

Each player will receive a commemorative shirt as a token of recognition for your achievement. You can collect your shirt during check-in or after your game.


12U / Youth

Saturday, May 27

Hudson Middle School at 83 N Oviatt St, Hudson, OH 44236

14U / Middle School

Sunday, May 28

Hudson Middle School at 83 N Oviatt St, Hudson, OH 44236


12U / Youth

Saturday, May 27

Brunswick High School at 3581 Center St, Brunswick, OH 44212

14U / Middle School

Sunday, May 28

Brunswick High School at 3581 Center St, Brunswick, OH 44212


10:00-10:30 am: Check-in at the information tent

  • Sign the banner
  • Collect your poster
  • Receive your commemorative T-shirt
  • Meet your teammates and coaches

On the field, the schedule is as follows:

10:40-10:55 am: Warm-ups

10:55-11:00 am: Line up shoulder to shoulder

11:00-11:05 am: Introductions

11:05 am: Start of the game

11:30 am: Halftime

11:35 am: Start of the second half

12:00 pm: The game ends

12:00-12:15 pm: Photos with the poster

Selection Process

Player Nominations (non-goalie)

For girls and boys at all age levels, each club is allowed to nominate the following number of players:

  • Elite Programs may nominate two players per team.
  • Evolve level may nominate one player per team.

The goal is to nominate the best players from each team with the hope of selecting:

  • One offensive and one defensive field player from Elite teams.
  • The best field player from Evolve teams."

Goalie Nominations

Goalies will be nominated by their own clubs or by other clubs and will be voted on by league coaches. The four goalies with the most votes will be selected for the all-star game, two for each team. Each goalie will play one-half of the game.

Coach Nominations

  • The coaches whose teams have the highest winning percentage in each age group will be nominated.
  • Six coaches will be chosen for each age group: four from the Elite division, and two from the Evolve division.
  • Each all-star team will be made up of three coaches: two from the Elite division and one from the Evolve division.
  • If possible, players and coaches will be aligned on the same team (however, this may not always be possible for goalies).
  • Nominated coaches will be able to add players to the roster if needed, in order of Elite then Evolve, to fill positions or address shortages. This will only be allowed with approval from NOLL.

Team Formation

Teams will be positionally balanced with an equal number of Attack, Midfield, Defense, and Goalies per team. When possible, teammates will stay together with their nominated coach. If it is not feasible to maintain balance or keep teammates together due to an uneven number of players or positions, the NOLL will split them up only as a last resort.

Event Details

All-Star Players will receive a certificate, roster, and jersey. Team and group photos will be taken and posted on our website.

📆 Timeline

MAY 8th
Call for nominations; entry forms sent to programs

May 15th
Nomination Forms are due

May 17th
Goalie Nominations are sent to programs for voting

May 19th
All-Star Committee will review nominations, form teams, and contact programs with their official slate of players

May 20th
Player Acceptance is due. If a player can not attend (vacation, injury, etc.) Alternates are due in 24 hours

May 22nd
Teams announced and posted to our website and social media

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