Program best practices


  • Have a program calendar of dates - yearly even if approximate 
  • Waiver forms
  •  add a team app for communication‚Ķ (team snap, sports you, sports engine etc)
  • sportsmanship is of utmost importance, not only teaching the game but the respect for the game, the players, coaches, referees, friends, fans, and family, and of course thank parents for supporting and paying for the player, equipment, travel, and time commitments.

Teams & Operations

  • One team mom per team
  • 7/8 team, 5/6 team, 3/4 team: most programs have 1-2 teams at each level. 
  • Middle school (7/8) can be club or school programs. If you are a school program, a 7th grade team and 8th grade team is suggested. School programs need to abide by NFHS rules and regulations. School programs can practice all 5 school days / week. Tryouts are very likely. 
  • Club programs can have a 7/8a and 7/8b teams due to non regulated opportunities but they also have in most cases less practices/ week.
  • 3/4 teams should be equally split with talent and played on 7v7 short fields

Jersey & Equipment

  • Provide goalie equipment. Purchase a bag fill it with league approved: helmet, throat guard, chest protector, gloves, shin guards, pelvic/pant protection / cup, etc.
  • Provide Safety box / first aid kits to coaches.
  • Uniforms - player pay, use vendors and websites to aid you
  • Lacrosse balls: Buy bulk 1 box per team per season. Buy ball bag / bin for each team.


  • Outdoor Fields reserved in advanced for both spring season and October fall ball.
  • Ask your school system for turf opportunities even if they are booked out, this lets them know you are interested and serious. 
  • Book Indoor turf time one year in advance for February/ March.


  • US lacrosse memberships - insurance 
  • Price structure to cover: 3 tournaments, 6 home games, marketing costs, goalie gear, safety bag / first aid, coaches training / us lax membership.

Recruitment & Marketing

  • Make sure to have a marketing outreach plan. It should include internal to your public schools and external to churches and private schools
  • Create fraft rosters and identify holes where you need to place players to round out a team. Use the current players as a source of promotion to recuit and fill the holes.
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